Friday, November 21, 2008

First Session: Introductions

We started a little after 9am with the announcement of a new process for introductions -- each person must spend 90 seconds talking about themselves. While you'd think 90 seconds would go fast, it's a long time!

As you can imagine, the energy level was very high. Lot's of laughter. Lot's of hugs. It's so great for all of us to get together in person.

I won't repeat the introductions here as that would be impossible. But I will note a few key points:
  • Traveltribe is still a great resource. Tons of IC's mentioned it.
  • The new 2008 Company Directory includes photos, names, addresses, specialties, and short bios. A great resource for everyone.
  • People are happy and really love Brownell/Sterling. Lot's of enthusiasm for what we do.
  • Such a diverse group. Wildly different backgrounds. The depth of expertise, experience, and interests is phenomenal.
  • The mentoring program continues to go strong. The "original 3" are still with us.
Great introduction session. What a great way to start!

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